Michele De Vito – Promoting Work-based Learning in Europe’s Cultural and Creative Industries CCIs

Work-based Learning is the perfect tool to improve learning, training and teaching sessions. It offers a chance for people to get the competences and confidence they need to face the professional sector or and their personal lives.

On the L2C platform we presented the advantages of WBL and its different approaches. I think it is an excellent tool for your personal and professional development, and the Moodle features make it even more innovative.

From the training sessions we got really good feedback and you could see that the participants were very engaged. They appreciated the structure and content of the modules and sections, the materials and the tools available. They also liked the idea of having a forum, especially those who always like to share their opinions and get feedback. It was important to provide everyone with on-going support.

Sometimes, when we are new to something or we are introduced to a new platform, all we need to get confident and committed with it is clear information about how it works. We had to be sure that the participants understood the purpose of the training and to make their experience smooth by introducing the basic setting and features of the platform. In addition to this, it was very important that the participants developed their own personal space, hence we always tried to keep the modules as structured as possible. This structure is beneficial not only for students/users/participants but also for educators/VET practitioners/teachers and so on.

We managed to gather participants from different backgrounds and experience and to make them work together as a team for a pilot case to promote Work-based Learning in Cultural and Creative Industries. Everyone shared their experience and expectations so we could all learn from each other and understand the context where they were coming from too. They all left the course feeling that they gained more knowledge and a wider understanding of the importance of WBL. We also gave them some references to explore more the world of WBL in the actual market in case it suits more their sector/industry or future work.

Definitely, it would have not been possible to get such a good feedback without having a good team to put in place a well structure e-platform, full of interesting content, along with the willingness and excitement to learn of our participants. The participants also enjoyed the presentation of the videos introducing real life scenarios and experiences. According to their feedback, the session provided them with more skills and better understating of WBL that will help their current and future work.

Overall, main WBL topics were covered and the aim of the pilot activities was reached. The Learn2Create learning platform received great feedback because of its interesting and diverse tools.

WBL is a world full of opportunities and resources. E-learning platforms are a center of interest in many businesses and organisations. They are becoming more popular and needed than ever, especially after suffering the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nowadays, we find e-learning platforms for almost all sectors.

Thanks to Learn2Create for giving a new innovative learning platform to the cultural and creative sector. And thanks to everyone who participated in the training session. We are very pleased with the outcome!

Michele De Vito completed a European Funding & Project Management MA in 2016 while working as a VET tutor on ESF funded projects in Rome, after graduating in 2015 in Italy, with a focus on cultural business management. Before moving to Spain in 2020 he spent three years in London gaining experience of management and implementation on a number of Erasmus+, Interreg, REC and COSME projects working with a large number of partners across Europe. He also coordinated several outgoing and incoming placements on the Mobilitas Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.