Arteria Foundation
The ARTeria Foundation was established in 2006. It implements various projects related to supporting broadly understood regional development and activation of local communities, mainly through activities related to culture, education, projects related to the development of self-governance and civic awareness, the dissemination of human rights and activities supporting the development of democracy.

Materahub manages international pilot projects to support cultural and creative industries, encouraging innovation and inclusion processes and a new entrepreneurial vision to face contemporary challenges. It organizes several international Capacity Building activities, aimed at meeting and contaminating skills between local and international experts, entrepreneurs and policy makers. These are projects funded by the European Erasmus + programs, Cosme, Interreg, Horizion 2020, etc.

Rinova is a social enterprise that offers training, development and management services, supporting our partners to design, deliver and improve the services that they offer in the areas where we have worked for over 30 years, namely Employment, Skills and Learning, Arts & Culture, Social Action and Enterprise. Rinova is a business with social objectives that has no external shareholders.

Dimitra Educational Organisation has provided, for more than 25 years, high quality Initial and Continuing Vocational Education and Training (VET) services to the entire country, training over 3.000 people per year. Since its establishment in 1989, this organisation has participated in several transnational projects exchanging know how and actively participates in various European networks and transnational exchanges developing a continuous flow of valuable know-how towards the overall functioning of the Organisation.

Innogate is a company specialised in managing international projects. It has a broad expertise in access to funding for research and innovation, technology transfer at European level and fostering international collaboration among the stakeholders involved in the value chain of the innovation process. It is involved in several European initiatives aimed at the promotion and collaboration among clusters and intermediary organizations involved in the innovation process (companies, associations, foundations, universities, etc.).

Regional Develpoment Agency Senec – Pezinok is an interest association of legal entities engaged in regional development since 2002 in regions of Podunajsko and Malokarpatsko. It is a member of an integrated network of regional development agencies established by the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of Slovak Republic.