Learn to Create – promoting Work-based Learning in Europe’s Cultural and Creative Industries

The overall aim of L2CREATE is to design, test and validate a new work-based learning (WBL) programme in Europe’s Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs). It recognises that the modern, creative workplace is a powerful learning environment, with the potential to make vast contributions to employment, productivity and increasing economic competitiveness.



We offer a completely developed eCourse with 6 modules covering a broad range of topics. The course is taught in English.

Module 1 will allow participants to learn more about the benefits of work-based learning in CCIs for students, businesses and VET institutions. It will introduce you to high quality work-based learning including definition, forms, strategies, benefits, success factors and also good practices of work-based learning in the cultural and creative sectors.

Module 2 will allow participants to learn more about how to help students and trainers to make the most of their work-based learning experience in a CCI company. It includes such topics as the main definitions useful in CCIs, selected key entrepreneurial skills as identified in the EntreComp EU Framework, and selected online and practical activities and exercises.

Module 3 will allow participants to learn more about tools for effective work-based learning in CCIs including such tools as personalised learning plans, diaries for formative assessment or a needs analysis tool.

Module 4 will allow participants to learn more about VET-CCI partnerships for effective work-based learning including such topics as communication, terminology or the top skills to plan your own Continuous Professional Development.

Module 5 will allow participants to learn more how to create links and synergies with external sources of support e.g. educational institutions and programs for students; how to map EU funded Erasmus+ projects on CCIs and WBL; or how to work with local and national networks, platforms and EU partnerships.

Module 6 will allow participants to learn about sharing experiences and mutual learning with peers including case studies, tips and tricks on how to identify peer to peer opportunities in the workplace; how to promote and deliver them; and how to track progress and evaluate results in this field.

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Learn2Create awarded as an example of the good practice!

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