‚Learn to Create‘ – multiplier event in Italy

The multiplier event of the Learn2Create project in Italy was organized on November 26, 2021 in the Hubout co-working space in Matera. The participants represented all target groups of the project – representatives of companies from the creative sector and cultural institutions, cultural organizations, art and design schools, VET experts, students, freelancers – a total of 26 people participated in the meeting, 20 of which were not related to the organizing institution.

The program of the event included presentations of the project results and a discussion on how the Learn2Create project results can fit in with the objectives of the „Pact4Skills“ initiative launched by the European Commission for the creative and cultural sectors. Part of the meeting was entitled „Voices from CCIs“ and focused on summarizing the impact of the project on local creative industries, the next – „From Learn2Create to a regional Manifesto to promote WBL for CCIs“ was an invitation to discuss the wide use of the results in local institutions and entities related to vocational education and the cultural and creative sectors.

The event was accompanied by an extensive information campaign – banners on the Internet, distribution of direct information, and the presentation of the results itself was intended not only to present the results themselves (publications, platforms), but above all to invite them to use the results as widely as possible.