The usability of the L2C learning online course aimed on the WBL in practice

I often have an opportunity to start a new work team in the production process. In many cases they are students, graduates or young people without any internship and experiences. I think that learning by doing is the most effective way how to learn something new without previous experience.

I had a chance try and go through the all modules of the L2C online course accessible on the moodle platform for the Learn to create project:

At first view, I was very pleasantly surprised by this approach to education. Firstly, the wide range of topics, chapters as well as the amount of material processed within the individual chapters. The thematic chapters are prepared very clearly and I really like the introductory video, which briefly presents each chapter.

Subsequently, however, I was a little surprised that I had to scramble a lot as the toggle menu on the left was ambiguous for me and it took me a while to get fully acquainted with the working environment of the platform.

The videos appealed to me the most and that it is subsequently possible to discuss them through the so-called forum. I really like quizzes, I think that this form of educational material is one of the most fun and at the same time in this form one learns and learns the most.

And I would also like to highlight the educational material, focused on the so-called role-playing based on specific assignments or case studies. It is also a form that participants must fully empathize with, so it is very effective for remembering and then using it directly in practice.

Overall, however, I rate this educational tool very positively. I like that students or those interested in a given topic can be educated individually as well as within a group or together with a teacher, mentor or who is responsible for the learning process.

I would like to emphasize in particular that the educational materials offered are very diverse. In its form, it forces the participants of this online education to think about the given topic in depth and at the same time to actively involve them in the given process. I would most like to emphasize the creativity and interactivity of these educational materials.

It would be good if the given materials were updated or supplemented with new materials from time to time, so that they would always be inspiring and fun for students as well as teachers. So that they do not lose their uniqueness over time.

Dušan Suchánek working many years for television JOJ as a technician and media technical assistance in the production of television programs. TV JOJ is a commercial free-to-air television station in Slovakia, which belongs to the portfolio of the JOJ Group television group. Television began broadcasting on March 2, 2002, and entered the media world in 2000, originally as TV Global. [1] Today, the JOJ Group includes a total of seven television stations for various target groups.