‚Learn to Create‘ – multiplier event in Greece

The multiplier event of the Learn2Create project in Greece was organized on September 9, 2021 at the Art Gallery in Larissa. It was attended by 40 participants – educators, freelancers, representatives of creative industries as well as representatives of the education department. The event was preceded by an extensive information campaign – also in the local media, through the channels of reaching the gallery and Dimitra’s partners as the organizer, through an e-mail campaign (525 recipients), a special page with information and registration was also created.

The event included both a presentation of the results and workshops based on the course and platform. The participants were very pleased with the participation in the workshop and found the material provided useful. These results are satisfactory for the DIMITRA Educational Organization as it proves that the project can have a positive impact on professionals involved in the CCI sector According to the facilitators, during the workshop there were many small discussions about the importance of Work-Based Learning in the creative industries. According to participants, this learning method should be supported and can be achieved through initiatives similar to the Learn2Create project. During the workshop, participants agreed that the online platform course was very useful as they believed it could help them deepen their understanding of work-based learning and provide them with a methodology and thus support students in their own endeavors. Finally, participants showed an increased interest in the „Trainer’s Guide“ and above all in the parts focusing on creating links between the organization and VET institutions. Most of them, due to the nature of their employment status (VET employers), have encountered serious problems supporting their students with hands-on experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and are keen to engage with industries that can provide work-based learning.

The participants also filled in the evaluation questionnaire after the meeting, assessing highly both the organizational and substantive issues of the meeting.