Newsletter #4

‘Learn2Create – promoting Work-based Learning in Europe’s Cultural and Creative Industries”’ project has come to the end. Our international partnership – organisations from Italy (Materahub), UK (Rinova), Spain (Innogate), Greece (Dimitra), Slovakia (RDA) and Poland (ARTeria) – have worked together on developing methodologies and tools which could be useful in promoting work-based learning in cultural and creative sectors. We recognised that the modern, creative workplace is a powerful learning environment, with the potential to make vast contributions to employment, productivity and increasing economic competitiveness. We would like to invite you to visit the project website, to join the community of facilitators and employers on the online educational platform and to use the guidebooks created under the project (see section ‘results’).

It was three intense and inspirational years together! During this journey we met passionate teachers, creatives working with the emerging artists. They all stressed the importance of work-based learning and necessity of developing such way of professional and personal development in art and creative branches. We collected some interesting testimonials from some of them – visit our Users Experience Compendium.

This User Experience Compendium was created in the project Learn2Create to tell stories about the process of using work-based learning and methodology developed under the project in the context of advising young people to develop their artistic and creative pathways in sustainable way. It consists of online materials based upon participants’ experiences of using Learn2Create results and their reflections on the testing of specific learning methodologies and tools. UX Compendium reflects the voices of learners – teachers, trainers, mentors and entrepreneurs – employers in cultural and creative industries providing illustrations and examples of how the process of work-based learning takes place and promoting of such a way of learning. We hope it will familiarise you with the learning methodologies developed by our project consortium and will inspire you to use these tools. We hope you will find some inspirations for your work here!

We created also some interesting videos and articles, which could be inspirational for your practice! Learn more in section ‘media’ or ‘news’ on the project website or download the project leaflet.

More and more young Europeans are choosing work in the cultural and creative sectors. Apart from satisfying their artistic dreams or interest they have to tackle problems with employment such as being contracted to a project, not having a permanent contract or having part-time work. These people must also have a wide range of skills – digital, traditional, technical, transversal and specialist. Work-based learning in the cultural and creative sector has always been one of the most natural ways to learn or expand your understanding and to develop skills and competences. Learn more about Learn2Create project and use the results created under the project cofounded by the European Union Programme Erasmus+!