Learn2Create – Newsletter #1

The Summary Report ( IO1 of the Project) is online!

On our website, you can view the Output 1 of the Learn2Create Project – promoting Work-based Learning in Europe’s Cultural and Creative Industries – and download it free.

The Summary Report is the result of the joint work of all Partners and is available in 6 languages.

It provides an overview of the Creative and Cultural Industry (CCI) sectors in all our partner countries (UK, Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece and Slovakia) and presents the main concepts, methodologies and tools we used to implement Work Based Learning (WBL) in the culture and creative sector. It focuses on the specific competences needed by vocational teachers within CCI and explains how they can be developed through ‘learning by doing’ methodologies promoted by WBL.

In particular: Chapter 3 gives an overview of creative and cultural industry sectors; Chapter 4 focuses on `Work-based learning’ in cultural and creative sectors; Chapter 5 analyses the quality of WBL experiences. The report also offers interesting insights into existing tools for an effective work-based learning process and peer-to-peer learning in work-based learning.


The professional challenges in these exceptional times …

Below you can read a short passage from the report focusing on the new challenges for the work of the future, words that are even truer in these exceptional times of Smart working : “The challenges of today’s world and the pace of the changes in every aspect of life make the idea of life-long learning a necessity. None can be sure what the jobs of the future will be, what the job market will look like.

On the other hand the jobs performed nowadays require constant updating of knowledge, acquiring new skills – there is no profession that can be performed in the same way, using the same tools and means all your life.

That is why education is facing newer and newer challenges – on the one hand, the repository of easily accessible knowledge grows at an unimaginable pace, on the other it is becoming a challenge to find the needed information and, to sieve genuine knowledge from pseudo-knowledge” (Cit. From Summery Report, pag. 13)