My experience with the Learn2Create pilot training

My name is Georgia and I studied Architecture. I participated in this training because I hoped that I could benefit from the knowledge about work based learning in the cultural and creative industry in general, and Architecture in particular. To me, work based learning gives trainees the opportunity to gain experience that would help improve their chances of a good future career. For this reason, trainers ought to know how to guide their trainees appropriately and with confidence. I also participated in the training sessions because I really wanted to gain access to useful practical tools for work based learning.

The e-learning platform that we accessed during the training was very easy to use and contained very helpful content. The training met all my expectations to the fullest. The uploaded material is an interesting variety of texts and other media that deal with the topic in a quite original and refreshing way. I really liked the fact that the language used in the presentations, the quizzes and the videos was easy and understandable, even for people who did not have an advanced knowledge of work based learning. In fact, all the useful terms and terminology was explained to us. I also really enjoyed the fact that the educational content did not just consist of abstract theory. I found the practical elements of the course to be most helpful and useful. There were also different quizzes and other questions that helped me revise the topic covered and check for myself whether I had understood the concepts well.

The content on the e-learning platform can definitely be used in an architecture and design context. I feel that the practical tools on the e-learning platform can help not only the trainee in an architectural office but also the trainer focus on what he or she wants to achieve through the process and how he or she can proceed. To me, as an architect, this was the most important thing, because sometimes, despite the fact that you know that you need to do something, you do not have the knowledge, the skills, the methodology or the tools that would allow you to meet your goal.

I also liked the sequence in which the training modules are presented on the e-learning platform. The flow from the one module to another was very interesting, logical and made perfect sense. All the modules that I accessed (both during the online sessions, and offline after the sessions) and also helped me not only improve my knowledge but also gave me the great opportunity to hone my critical thinking skills and feel confident. During the training, I could ask questions and discuss with other participants who were also from the same or closely related fields from the creative professions. In my opinion, such trainings are useful for every practitioner in the Creative and Cultural industry.
Georgia Lalou