Learn2Create project – international pilot programme completed

Learn2Create is an international partnership that aims to create and test a new way of professional development based on ‘learning on the job’ in the cultural and creative sector in Europe. A modern and creative workplace can not only develop the competences, knowledge and skills of artists and creatives, but also increase employment, productivity and economic competitiveness.

The Learn2Create project partners focus on the development of work-based learning/WBL practices in the cultural and creative industries (CCI) sector. The L2C consortium has developed the curriculum and learning content, growing out of years of practice and collaboration with artists/creatives and with trainers and teachers from the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

Recently, pilot sessions have been held in each partner country to test the methodology developed in the project. In Poland, the piloting took place entirely online, which allowed the recruitment of teachers from all over Poland: our participants lived from Koszalin to Lublin. Most of them were vocational teachers in art/vocational art schools. Learn2Create sessions took place in a friendly, engaged atmosphere. During the meetings we discussed in detail the material on the platform, to which the participants received access, comprehensively approached the training materials contained therein and implemented selected exercises. The participants left the first meeting with “homework”, which we discussed and summarized at the next meeting.

As it emerged from the interviews, the invited teachers had little knowledge of work-based learning in creative industries so far, but they saw the need to implement this concept in practice. A similar impression was expressed by INNOGATE: the participants of their workshops declared their willingness to promote work-based learning in their institutions or schools. These are very encouraging findings for us, as they confirm the need to promote WBL (work-based learning) in different countries, as we believe it is the most effective method of vocational learning for the creative sectors.

“My impression as a session facilitator was that the pilot was very successful for two main reasons: a) we received valuable feedback that will help the project and b) the participants enjoyed the learning experience and felt that they benefited from it.”


“We see the L2C project as an opportunity to learn new mentoring methods and techniques. We like the way individual activities are created so we can innovate and develop approaches to education.”