How to improve teaching methods with WBL? – about the Learn2Create platform

As a beginning pedagogue, I look for various ways of improving teaching methods, educating young people, and preparing them for their professional lives. The so-called work-based learning is a huge opportunity for that. Even though it is not something that young pedagogues are taught at the university. How to gain knowledge about WBL then? About the methods used in it? About the benefits of WBL? What tools are used in it? The answers to these and other questions are given by the Learn2Create project, pursued by partners of 6 countries. As part of the project, an educational platform was created, which introduces educators to work-based learning and increases their competencies in this respect.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of the Learn2Create platform is the number of resources that we obtain as educators, as well as its high quality and variety.

The course is divided into 6 modules, each one of them discusses another aspect of WBL. Each module is rich in training materials, resources facilitating the preparation of classes with students. They are an invaluable aid in increasing one’s knowledge about work-based learning. These materials were created by experts of this learning method, and by people who got to develop themselves thanks to WBL. Therefore, the knowledge is not communicated by the so-called ‘theorists’, but by people who deal with work-based learning on a daily basis. It is an invaluable advantage, especially nowadays, when we are overwhelmed by the number of ‘experts’ in each field. As a pedagogue and teacher, I search for the knowledge of ‘practitioners’ who know the topic thoroughly and would communicate their professional knowledge to me.

Secondly, another big advantage of the platform is the appropriate structurisation of the course. The content is not presented in a chaotic way, which is present in numerous ‘modern’ courses conducted by ‘experts’. Each module is dedicated to a specific subject. The first ones introduce the participant to the world of WBL, they present the advantages of work-based learning, and introduce them to basic concepts, soft skills, that will be gained by the students, and, among others, the connection of WBL with EntreComp. Each next module lets us explore the world of WBL, get inspired, and get to know examples of good practices of work-based learning. Each next module begins with a video introducing its subject, which lets the participant know what they will learn this time. Personally, I think that such ‘organised’ courses are very valuable in the modern world, full of chaos and redundant information overload.

Another huge plus of the Learn2Create platform is the possibility of mutual support of the participants through the course’s forums. They are places where educators share their thoughts, experiences, and good practices of WBL. Such forums are an encouragement for the participants to reflect, they provide a lot of inspiration, and help to solidify the knowledge gained during the course. The possibility to express one’s views on many subjects is also a rare phenomenon in modern courses, therefore many people will appreciate that such an opportunity exists in this one.

The Learn2Create platform is a great solution for educators who would like to develop their competencies concerning work-based learning. Personally, as a beginning pedagogue, I am able to get an immense amount of knowledge out of this course. I highly recommend you to participate in the course on the Learn2Create platform. It is an invaluable experience.