‘Learn to Create’ – multiplier event in Slovakia

L2C Multiplier Event organized by RDA SP, Slovakia took place on 18th November 2021 at 2p.m. in Creative Room of RelaxWorld, Šamorín.

The program of the event was focused:

  • on the presentation of project outputs;
  • common evaluation of the online education platform with participants (representatives of creative industries, artists, students) during the multiplier event;
  • discussion with the audience about the project, its outputs and possibilities to continue in this work.

The profile of the participated people that they are interested in the topic of the work based learning as a lector/teacher or directly working as freelancer in the field of culture and creative industry. Their interest was heard more about the project and methods of WBL and discuss how to apply the project outputs to their own practices and what the project could have offered to them. The multiplier event gave them the opportunity to know each other and made the connections for possible future cooperation.

The event showed that people has an interest of the projects and programs, which could support and make more visible the culture and creative industry. Especially if it’s in a way that’s interesting, interactive and it offers something new.